5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Health Insurance

    Do you ask yourself: why do I need to buy a health cover? I’m healthy, I never fall sick, and I have plenty of money to spend on medical care if needed. Talk to any financial planner today and they’ll ask you to buy a health insurance cover for yourself and your loved ones.

    But you don’t feel the need, right? Guess what, you’re among 80 per cent of the Indian population that’s not covered under any health insurance. And now you won’t feel left out any longer. To make you happier, here are five reasons why you really don’t need to worry about buying health insurance.

    1Money Is Not Important To You

    Who cares about luxuries in life, like traveling to an exotic foreign destination or staying in a five-star hotel to celebrate your wedding anniversary?
    With health care costs on the rise—witnessing an inflation of 15 per cent to 20 per cent—you don’t mind out-of-pocket expenses. Even if a serious health condition affects you, you can pay for your costly treatment.